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Player of the Month || 🏅

Congratulations to all players who were voted for October's Player of the Month 2021.

We have 3x winners within the club which is divided up into 3 sections: mini soccer (u7-10s), 9-a-side (u11-12s) & 11-a-side (U13s-16s).

Each coach must put forward 1x nomination with reasoning for their players vote then the clubs non-coaching committee members review each vote and choose the winners for each section.

  • Mini Soccer - Louie U9s 👏
  • 9-a-side - Hudson U11s 👏
  • 11-a-side - Emanuel U13s 👏
Player of the Month - October 2021 Player of the Month - October 2021 Player of the Month - October 2021

Well done all players representing Newcastle City Juniors in October - it was an excellent month for the whole club.


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